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About Pilates

Pilates is a unique low-impact form of body conditioning, developed by the now legendary Joseph Pilates. Pilates emphasises postural alignment while focusing on strengthening and balancing the muscles of the body, particularly the abdominals and back.

Pilates is effective for people rehabilitating from an injury, regaining their strength following childbirth, or for anyone who wants to improve their posture and ease and efficiency of movement. Many athletes are also discovering that a more stable torso improves agility and helps prevent injury.

Our use of Pilates is based on physiotherapy and movement analysis and can be adapted to your individual needs. Pilates sessions and classes are supervised by an experienced physiotherapist.

Tamworth Physiotherapy & Pilates offers:

Studio Sessions


“After 10 sessions, you will feel different. After 20 sessions, you will look different.
After 30 sessions, you will have a whole new body.”
Joseph H. Pilates

About Pilates Physiotherapy Tamworth

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